Saturday, February 27, 2016

What the MAD Voters for Trump and GOP Miss - They are Voting for the same Folks Who Sold Them Out

I get it that the Trump and Bernie voters are MAD about their stagnant wages and less-than-wonderful job prospects for unskilled work and that they aren’t getting the high skilled work going to China and India (or Chinese and Indian workers on H2 visas here.)

The problem is that they are taking it out on the WRONG people. Voting for the same people who sold you out isn't a solution.

For 7 years the very same GOP the majority they have been voting for has voted down increases to the minimum wage, voted DOWN any infrastructure projects to rebuild America's 70 year old falling-apart systems, they voted DOWN EVERYTHING that would generate jobs. They didn’t want the president getting credit for creating jobs and hoped to get elected by keeping things bad. 

So if you are voting for Trump because you are mad at this President, boy, you have been fooled not just once, but you are into serious foolish territory (can I offer you a "deal" on a bridge in Brooklyn?) The GOP sabotage of the economy didn’t hurt Congress reps making $185,000 a year (who show up only 111 days a year) to give it all to the 1% in tax benefits. It hurt the 99%. 

And THAT is why you are not happy! Not because of Obama, but because of the Republican extremism that put their political power over your economic well being. Chew on that for awhile, because its the truth.

If you want higher wages, more education for skills and replacement of ancient pipes and crumbling bridges and roads that would create millions of jobs, and a better future for your kids, then vote Democratic.  FLIP Congress to “D” with a "D" president with the global expertise to deal with future crisis -- and then we can address what people are mad about. 

Don't kid yourself, Trump and this GOP will continue to favor the 1% and their lobbyists buying their seats.  That is not a choice that helps anyone except those who are reading this over wine and cheese in a private jet while taking money to offshore tax havens…."Agenda" below describes how this occurred over the last 30 years.

Here is some real factual history to ponder as you vote this year for Congress and President…it’s called “Agenda for American Greatness.” No, it has nothing to do with Mr. Trump's plan to make himself great again. 

First part: HOW you got sold out. Second Part: How to be No. 1 again. Agenda for American Greatness - Update 2016
Michael Fjetland, Author
Better Times Ahead April Fool

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

ZIKA Virus: Threat to ALL Pregnant Women - Why Their Problems Are Our Problems

This ZIKA VIRUS is a Threat to Pregnant women...It is the latest pandemic that the World Health Organization has been SLOW to respond to.

Folks, the world is a SMALL place. Someone can get on a plane and be halfway around the world in a day. Disease can travel the same way. A couple mosquitoes in an airplane could bring it here.

Bottom line:
THE problems people have in other countries (like Zika) are ours too. Because if we don't help address the problem there, those same problems WILL arrive at our shores.

It is better to fix it BEFORE it gets view

That's part of "Agenda for American Greatness"....