Thursday, September 29, 2016

I predicted 911. I predict if Trump is elected, we will lose more military in 1 day than 8 years in Iraq!

I predicted 911 on TV ten years before 911 (its still on Youtube with nearly 2 million views if you don’t believe me).

Here is another: I predict if Donald Trump wins the presidency America will lose more military in 1 day then we did in 8 years in Iraq! His comments about shooting at Iran soldiers giving our navy the finger is proof. Look up “Millennium Challenge” a 2002 military exercise with a simulated war with Iran. We lost 16 ships plus an aircraft carrier that has a crew of 5,000. We lost 4,400 in Iraq in 8 years. Do the math.

I also predict he will generate a monster recession like that in 2008 in Bush with his Bush-type tax cuts for the 1% and trade wars. America cannot afford a man who has built a campaign on racism and sexist remarks, hides his tax returns, brags about paying zero taxes that fund things like veterans’ care, roads, schools and has his goods made in a dozen countries overseas, and even imports foreign labor to his Mar A Lago resort in Florida. No Americans need apply. His line about “bring jobs” to America is just another lie.

He is a con man like Iowa’s “Music Man” but unlike the show, Trump only loves himself, and that is no prediction.  His ignorance is matched by Gary Johnson who doesn’t even know about Syria or names of foreign leaders.

There is only one sane choice in November – Hillary.  Pass it on..

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA

Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool

Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Day as a TV Terrorism Expert 15 Years Ago on 911 - How this election could repeat it

Global American Values
911 Special Edition

Fifteen years ago on this September 11, 2016, I spent the entire day in a TV channel as a terrorist expert. I had talked about the potential of a 911 on that same TV channel ten years before during the Gulf War of 1991 (which is documented on YouTube at this link prediction had become sadly true.
That September 11 was a picture perfect beautiful blue September day, the kind of day you think nothing bad could happen. I was getting ready for work when I heard the TV report. When they said that a “second” plane had hit I knew that this was no freak accident. I called the TV station and said “I was your expert during the Gulf War, would you like me to come in?” Yes, was the answer.

So I hurriedly drove to the Houston station. When I got there, people were watching reports of a third plane, which hit the Pentagon. Then reports of a missing fourth plane, which turned out to be Flight 93, which had gone down in a field in Pennsylvania due to heroic efforts by passengers to keep it from its destination: either the White House or Congress (the latter is a perfect target and would have eliminated our entire Congress, paralyzing us).

We had no idea what was really going on or the extent of the attack, but suddenly I was at a desk with the same TV anchor I had met during the ’91 Gulf War interviews.  We did the best we could with what little we knew.  Nine months before 911, I sent a video to the Bush administration and my Congressional representative going into details with a nuclear weapons expert about its potential, but got no response. That video is on YouTube at this link: 

It was a very long day. Those caught in Pearl Harbor at least knew war was possible—Hitler had been on the rampage for years. We didn’t.  Back in 1991, based on my global experiences as an international legal negotiator, I had thought Saddam could be behind such a dastardly act (he did try to have President H.W. Bush assassinated on a trip to the Middle East). On 911, we didn’t know anything and spent the day guessing. So did the White House as it turned out.  Only later did it become evident it was Osama bin Laden, hiding out in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was the ultra-religious terrorist; Saddam was the non-religious brutal dictator who invaded Kuwait. Bin Laden hated Saddam, who would not let him set foot in Iraq (the 2003 invasion opened Iraq to him for the first time.)

During a break on that strange, horrible day, the TV anchor told me that someone from New York had sent her some photos reporters had taken of people who had jumped from the top of the towers. The shot was of some of them midair.  “Do you notice anything unusual about those people?” No. “Look, none of them have feet!”  Apparently the fierce fires that burned from the tons of jet fuel spewed on impact from the big Boeing 767’s was not only melting the steel and feeding the fires; it was so hot that people who made it to the roof had to choose between burning to death or jumping. The photos were not shown on air.

At 9 pm that night I made my final comments as their terrorism expert, still guessing. I continued in that role, making several appearances a week for two years. It became evident it was bin Laden that was solely responsible. I opposed the invasion of Iraq and my appearances on TV ended when Baghdad was invaded and my prediction of a prolonged nasty street war proved correct.

Ignoring the Middle East was a disaster. Invading Iraq was a disaster. That shows how complicated it is and why we don’t need an amateur as president who loves the Russian president, who was trained by the KGB, and has taken over Crimea by force and now threatens Ukraine and our NATO allies.  ISIS has said it is praying for a Trump victory. They know that his intolerant statements will draw more Muslims to them for the “holy war” they hope to have. Like George W. Bush, Trump would fall into the trap of making a bad situation worse.

As bad as 911 was, we face greater dangers if we remain ignorant about the world or elect a president who admires dictators like Kim Jung Un (our new Saddam – a dictator with an actual growing nuclear arsenal.) There are zero easy answers as neither sanctions nor negotiations have worked. Bombing Kim’s bomb factory would result in North Korea firing thousands of artillery weapons on South Korea’s capital, Seoul, only 30 miles from the DMZ.  Millions would die.

The next president must be able to engage in the complex and bizarre politics of the Middle East and Asia. Putin has been hacking the DNC computers to help Mr. Trump get elected. That should worry you.  When Iranian boats recently passed close to U.S. warships, Trump said: “I would shoot them.”   That would result in a war that would make Iraq look like a cakewalk. According to a 2002 war exercise called Millennium Challenge (a mock war with Iran) our Navy lost 20 ships destroyed including aircraft carriers before it was called off. 

As one of the very few who predicted 911, I am convinced that Mr. Trump would be an insane presidential choice and global disaster for our future. It’s tough enough when you do know what you are doing, but a Trump presidency would be a global nightmare beyond anything we have seen to date.

Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD

Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool

Monday, September 5, 2016

Stop Attacking My Hispanic Friends (and Muslim friends, etc.) Donald Trump!

Stop Attacking My Hispanic Friends (and Muslim friends, etc.) Donald Trump!

I am really tired of hearing Donald Trump’s negative, nasty comments about my Hispanic friends (and Muslim friends, etc.). He talks as if they are all rapists and murderers. All Muslims are terrorists. Stop it! This bigotry and need to insult others makes you unfit to be an American president -- because deep down you are a spoiled rich kid who is a bully ignorant on the issues and tries to cover it up with arrogance and by making up names like “Lying Ted” “Little Marco” and “Crooked Hillary”).

I have a Hispanic friend who sells over $1 million of products for his boss every year, yet he doesn't get paid even 10% of that in salary and benefits. His boss is like you, a GOP type who votes a straight ticket and claims to be "Christian" but treats my friend like dirt, cheats him out of commissions and keeps bringing in new managers to berate all the sales people. 

My friend (one of many Hispanics I know) was born here and served in the Air Force. Yet when he went out to a restaurant with his wife one night, some white guy at a table nearly felt compelled to look in his direction and say --loud enough for my friend to hear -- “Check out the illegal. I bet he’s a drug dealer.”  My friend and his wife said nothing in return, but the hurt was like a knife in the gut.

And this was before Donald Trump made insulting people of color and religion OK and acceptable. You never heard such talk from previous Republican presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain, so this is a new low.

This is the kind of talk that is now “OK” because of Donald Trump making racist statements against individuals and against entire groups which is treated as “normal” and OK.  STOP insulting my Hispanic friends Donald Trump! You are scum compared to them. The same goes for my Muslim friends, women friends, disabled friends, POW friends that you have insulted, while claiming your biggest “Vietnam” was avoiding venereal disease.)

I have Muslim friends in Texas and around the world – people I met while on business or campaigning for U.S. Congress. As a candidate in the Houston area, I went to Mosques, Synagogues and all kinds of churches.  I heard the same sermon in each – be good, pray, repeat. In Fort Bend County (Texas), we live side by side, we know each other, and we all get along working for the community.

I went to Syria before the war and met great people, one of whom drove us to see a church outside of Damascus. Yet to hear Trump you would think that they are all plotting to blow us up when all they want is what everyone else wants: an education, a good job and to be left alone. They are not killers but are fleeing the killers.

Now we see reports of school kids being insulted because of their color. Disgusting ignorance. In this high tech economy it’s your skills not your color that defines your future.

A neighbor of mine moved out. I happened to see the door was open and someone was doing a rehab of the unit for the next occupant. It needed it big time because the prior tenant had dogs that were alone all day and had fouled the nice wood floors.

So WHO was doing the work? A very nice HISPANIC man and his crew. In fact, it appeared to be a family event with a woman  and  boy having breakfast as a plumber did his thing and the floor guys did their thing - it was quick, quiet and "get the job done." They were still working when I went outside 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. How many people do you know that work that hard?

If you don’t have a Hispanic or Muslim friend, meet some, have dinner with them like I have. If you do have Hispanic or Muslim friend, please share this to send the message to Trump and his kind to stop the bigotry! 

Let's stand up for our friends of all colors and all religions. THAT is what America is all about - not the hate generated by Mr. Trump who is hiring men like Roger Ailes who sexually harassed women at Fox News and Mr. O’Bannon, who is a white supremacist. These are birds of a for feather that are not the kind of advisors a president should have, a nation dedicated to “all men are created equal” -- not just some, not just the rich, not just one religion.

Michael Fjetland, Author
Better Times Ahead April Fool

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Friday, September 2, 2016

American Workers: WHO Sent Your Jobs Overseas? DONALD TRUMP, Even Today

American Workers: WHO Sent Your Jobs Overseas? DONALD TRUMP.

And he is doing it even TODAY.  His claims of being on your side requires you overlook what he  has always done.  Consider the FACTS that are in evidence and undisputjed.

Donald Trump has his products made in 12 countries overseas. Where was the Donald Trump insisting that they be made in the USA?  Ties and shirts made in Mexico (yes, Mexico!), China, etc. Did he choose to have them made HERE? No...Did he care? No....And NOW he is your hope for a job?  Hey, be sure to get his special $35,000 Trump University course (which he admitted in a deposition had no more information than was in his $20 book!)

"But that's in the past" you say. Really? Just this month Trump applied to have dozens of foreign workers enter the U.S. to work at his Mir A Lago property in Florida. Foreign workers NOT Americans!  So WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

Some  people say this: Trump "as a businessman" will "fix" our economy! Fix it for him for sure. His record shows that he never built a business from nothing but did the opposite. Trump inherited great wealth and then bankrupted company after company after he emptied the till to fill his pockets. People lost their jobs but he made millions from it.  Now he wants to do the same to our country.

Trump has even managed to do the impossible in business - bankrupt a casino!  In case you didn't know, every casino has the odds stacked in favor of the house (not you gamblers/voters).  That means he even killed the golden goose of businesses--by his greed and constant chaos.

So if he can kill a cash engine like a casino, how does he bring growth to the U.S. when his policies would kill it?  Because if you look at his policies, its like the Bush tax cuts that gave 90% to the top 1% and a few crumbs to the working class - who were told they were getting chicken salad when it was really chicken sh_t. 

Trumps economic plan is just as crazy: It would add $15 TRILLION in new debt that would crash our economy just like Bush's unpaid for plan did in 2008.

Trump's track record is a disaster. And he doesn't even pay his taxes! YOU pay more than he does --that's why he is hiding his tax returns when every other presidential candidate in 40 years has released his (and hers) so the American public could see the TRUTH.  The couple years of tax returns from the 90's we know of that had to be released for Trump to buy a casino showed him paying ZERO taxes.  Yep, YOU paid MORE than him.

Tell me again how this helps you when you guys he said "get paid to much!" pays nothing to support this country he says he wants to lead?  All he will lead to is more for the wealthy like him --who unlike most of us never had to face the quandary of having enough money to either pay the rent or buy food.

Trumps biggest "quandary" was how to gain publicity even if it meant calling in to a TV station using the fake name "John Miller" to claim how many women he was cheating on while married to his current wife.  Wow, Bragging on cheating on your wife. Does that sound like real American values? Iowa values? Texas values? Not to me....

You may not like Hillary but she does know the complex global issues we face -- unlike the school boy Trump who rann for president without even bothering to read the Constitution he would be responsible for (he told GOP Senators that not only did he support Article 1 but also "Articles 9 and 12" when it has only 7 articles).  I know this, when you are that far behind you can't cram it in now - it took me 30 years of international law to know what I know. No one gets that from an advisor or a last minute briefing.

Our future is not dependent on you liking Hillary - its dependent on having a president who knows the real facts of this 200-country world and its global economics.

We need someone who isn't changing his mind every 5 seconds and finding someone new to insult. Another example if his strange need to make new enemies:  Trump recently took issue with the leader of Canada (Justin Trudeau) and said "he is the worst president they have ever had."  Mr. Trudeau is Prime Minister, not a president, showing once again Trump's arrogant ignorance.  Trump reminds me of the lazy student bullshitting his way through an exam, while thinking it brilliant, while the teacher gives it an "F."

If you think this doesn't matter, then go flying with a blowhard who says he knows how to fly, but he hasn't even bothered to read the manual--and YOU are the first passengers!  See how that comes out....

P.S. Make sure your will is in order first. 

If you want a better, stronger America, please SHARE.  Hillary has flown the plane before and knows the words of the Constitution (they do teach us that in law school).

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
Chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" - Election 2016 update
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