Monday, December 31, 2012

I only missed the nazi part except when i ran for congress.

Wow, I just discovered the "SNIP" feature on my computer - let's you capture a screen. DO you know about it?

Now I have a screen shot of my "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" ebook website (see below). I just love that Indiana Jones looking plane and's not far off what i went through....I only missed the nazi part except when i ran for congress. lol.



Congress is letting us go off the cliff. Thanks GOP for not wanting to let the wealthiest pay a little more to reduce the debts set up by your unpaid for tax cuts, two unpaid for wars, Plan D, etc.

My anti-dote is watching "STAR WARS" (the original) while working on the next edition of my "Better Times Ahead" plan to save USA's technical lead while everyone spasses out watching football -- which sure as hell won't save us in the global tech race of the 21st century..

We have to do it despite Congress where half of them are so stupid still think the Earth is 5,000 years old and FLAT! lol

"Agenda for American Greatness" is the last, FREE Chapter of "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

Thinking of doing a second edition with PHOTOS of what I saw in China and India in the 70's and 80's vesus today - and how America stacks up against these growing global powerhouses in technology and education.

But specifically on HOW WE WIN this inescapable global technology race. Details at the link:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 - from the other side of the cliff...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's Causing the FISCAL CLIFF deadlock? This...

The FISCAL CLIFF deadlock is being caused by the way our Congressional districts are drawn -

Instead of encouraging centrists in both parties (people like James Baker and elder Bush), our current system encourages extremists in each party, people like Tom DeLay when I ran for Congress and Michelle Bachman, etc., today.

I ran against Tom Delay in the 2000 GOP primary because it was the only way to scare him - the Democrat only got 36% in that GOP heavy district. Whoever won the GOP primary in that district - where FEW VOTE - automatically won in November. Voters in November were fooling themselves.

Now computers draw safe districts - so Congressmen fear a primary opponent instead of the general election opponent....The zealots turn out to vote in the primary for the most extreme - not the more moderate voters who show up in November. I discovered moderate Republicans who voted for me as a moderate, but only when I ran as an Independent and got to compete in the November election cycle.

I cover this and how to fix Congress and America's economic future in a high-tech GLOBAL 21st century in the last (FREE) chapter of my book entitled "Agenda for American Greatness."  How did we get into this? HOW do we get OUT? All explained at the link.

It's at the link below.

If you want to know where America stands in the world competitively...

I see an America whose citizens think its ahead of a race it is behind in...

Solutions to fix our mess are included at the final chapter.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last days of a globally aware President?

I always thought "senior" Bush, George H.W. Bush, was a good decent man with true global knowledge needed to be President (his son didn't have that same interest or expertise unfortunately)...

Leaders like Geo. H.W. Bush attracted me to the GOP (enough so that I eventually run in three GOP primaries against Rep. Tom DeLay) but people like Tom DeLay Karl Rove etc drove me FAR AWAY....(That story is in my book "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" in the chapter "Running Against the Hammer.")

George H.W. Bush hated campaigning because it meant saying nasty things about other people - he was honest enough to raise taxes even though it would cost him his Presidency after saying "read my lips." But he did it for the good of the country not for himself. It was those tax increases that set the stage for the surpluses under President Clinton.

I hope it is not the end for George Herbert Walker  Bush, but the inevitable day is coming, and perhaps very soon. When it happens I shall miss H.W. Bush, our former ambassador to China and President...,0,2610558.story

Monday, December 17, 2012

Agenda for American Greatness & the 2nd Amendment

The next edition of "Agenda for American Greatness" (2013) will also cover the issue of the 2nd Amendment and Assault Weapons in our society - based on having seen men with guns in many of the nearly 50 countries I've been in.

"Agenda for American Greatness" is about FACTS and SOLUTIONS. It applies as much now AFTER the election as it did before. it shows how we got are and a roadmap for getting our prosperity mojo back.

Guns and the Global Economy will be with us for some time...I've seen it on a global scale. And more.

That story is in "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Asteriod discovered Two Days Ago - Passes between us and Moon...

SMART move would be investing in ways to take out the next asteroid that WILL hit us instead of spending trillions on rat holes like Iraq and Afghanistan...just sayin.

It's only our LIVES at risk if one hits us. And since we DO have the technical means to avoid it, it would be pretty STUPID to be unprepared, don't you think?

Tax Guns/Ammo 100% for Victim's Fund

I think we should put a 100% TAX on gun (and ammo) sales. Proceeds used for a victims' fund. 

What do you think?

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Friday, December 14, 2012

What Should Be Legal - Pot or Assault Weapons?

We as a nation have embraced VIOLENCE for far to long - it reeks from our movies, our books, and the way people treat each other, even on Capitol Hill.

We need to make some changes - including mass anger management. We live in a nation where smoking pot is illegal and owning an assault rifle is legal. It should be the other way around. Marijuana has proven medicinal qualities which alleviates pain in patients. Assault weapons only produce pain.
People should not be able to possess offensive weapons and 30 bullet clips. If you want those, join our military where it belongs.
I agree with this writer who says: "There are, however, some gun control laws that could be strengthened. the so-called gun-show loophole (which is not a loophole at all -- 40 percent of all guns sold in America legally are sold without benefit of a federal background check) should be closed."
More on this as the facts come in...."Follow" for updates.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cancer, but no insurance. Now what?

I stopped by my Sugar Land office today to pick up mail. Found out that a law secretaries husband has been diagnosed with brain cancer - and he has NO INSURANCE. They are checking to see if they can get pre-existing condition insurance. He is 62.

Obamacare DOES make a difference when it happens to you. I just don't know if the pre-existing portion of the law has taken affect yet. The answer will affect this man's family big time...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

.what happens when everyone has an intercontinential missile AND a bomb?

More evidence that the 21st century will be a global HIGH TECH century...what happens when everyone has an intercontinential missile AND a bomb?

time for women to rule

Women work collaboratively towards solutions. i learned that as a negotiator. 

Our men in congress don't seem to understand that. 

time for women to rule. it will cut our war expense big time.
And we'll actually work on real issues that help the most instead of just the top few.

An Asteroid missed us TODAY. Are we ready for the one that won't miss us?

An Asteroid missed us TODAY.  1 million miles close. Some have gone between us and the moon.

Are we ready for the one that won't miss us? Hell no.

We allegedly intelligent humans haven't even thought of doing that yet, even though the technology to do it is at our fingertips.

To NOT do something that could save us as a species is kinda STUPID, don't you think?  Who gives a damn if the budget is balanced if the planet is vaporized when it was avoidable?

...i was also wondering when we are going to save the planet from our own excessive emissions?

Unless you have a warp drive to get us to the next blue planet some millions of light years away when this one is COOKED...?

Time is not our friend y'll....Immigration AND Climate Change need to be on the agenda in 2013.

Just who was buried WHERE in Dry Prong, Louisiana?

I am in a hotel room on the road in Texas much to do, so little time to do it.

Among many things such as generating income from the biz, I am working on a 2nd edition of "Better Times Ahead" (adding PHOTOS and), more true stories.

These are stories of the little guy helping small American companies successfully sell their products overseas which create jobs in the USA (ship Products overseas, not Jobs!).

Edition 1 included the saga of going from rags to riches back to rags and on to riches again. Along the way I helped a lady in Texas who started selling ceramic turtles in the Caymans.

I once had to jump over a Disney France turnstile in a suit to make a meeting with the Disney buyers on behalf of a Texas entrepreneur selling Texas music and animal tapes (i bought a ticket but something went wrong). That story will be on the 2nd edition along with this: I once represented sons of an American killed on a drilling rig off the coast of Africa  who were told a wild story about a witch doctor and why they couldn't see their father's body...Just who was buried WHERE in Dry Prong, Louisiana?

Details at: "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" A True Story That Proves Even the Doomed can Survive the Worst of Times...

The second edition will add to the Solutions proposed above.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Its really America vs the World, and how Americans are Thinking too SMALL..

Americans right now think its between "D" and "R" Democrat or Republican. Sorry to advise you ITS BIGGER THAN THAT.

Its really America vs the World, and how Americans are Thinking too SMALL...

It's in my next Global American Values article -- WITH Solutions of course at the end of course (no bitching allowed without offering intelligent SOLUTIONS)  "Follow" at:

And check out "Agenda for American Greatness" - It's JUST AS ON TARGET AFTER THE ELECTION AS IT WAS BEFORE.  It's the final chapter of "Better Times Ahead:"
Time Warp Global Traveling on everything but a Yellow Submarine

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pearl Harbor - 71 Years Ago Today

71 years ago Today, a day that lives in "infamy" - the U.S. was attacked at Pearl Harbor, leading to our entry into WWII.  Now the Japanese and Germans are ALLIES. The "Marshall Plan" that rebuilt Europe is credited with this transformation. McArthur did the same in Japan. 

We've been watchin Netflix' "The Last Days of World War II." Wow, had it not been to the A-bomb, the invasion of Japan would have cost another 1 million American lives. Cities in ruin, they still refused to surrender until faced with the ultimate power.

Where are our visionaries like George Marshall today? 
Afghanistan remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world followed closely by Iraq. Where they worth $2 TRILLION dollars that could have been spent rebuilding America?

Food for thought as we salute our veterans on this historic day...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

NASA - A lot of bang for a half penny

Just heard Mike Coats, the outgoing director for the Johnson Space Center talking about NASA's future and what it does at our Rotary meeting.

Did you know that NASA only gets 1/2 cent of every federal dollar? And yet our smartphones etc came into reality as a result of NASA's work.

Did you know that the Pentagon's Space program is LARGER than NASA's? (Over $26 Billion out of their $660 billion/year). I say we transfer at least $4 billion from the Pentagon to NASA's budget.

P.S. China will have a NEW Space Station in 2020 when our ISS is ready to be RETIRED. Yet Congress does NOTHING to prepare. Elect some new reps folks - these turkeys are leaving us behind in the world of technology...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

let it happen - GO OFF THE CLIFF.

CONGRESS LEFT TOWN TODAY - despite FISCAL CLIFF being 27 days away.

 I am beginning to think we should let it happen - GO OFF THE CLIFF.

Why? Because it would let tax rates go back to rates during the Bill Clinton administration - and will chop our bloated Pentagon budget that is greater than the rest of the world COMBINED.

Give MORE to NASA instead! That investment would ENHANCE our economy on a broader scale.

Discover More, and SOLUTIONS can be found at:

"Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" At the link....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Doctor: CHINA LEADS U.S. in DRUG development

Photo: Night photo of Shanghai, the 21st century financial center of the world, October 2012 by Michael Fjetland

My significant other went to her eye doctor today.  As they chatted she told him about our recent experience in China. He said: "I want to see China. They are now leading us in drug development!"

True.  They are doing what Americans used to do - build great things. Make great investments to keep us ahead.

If you want to see where China has come from, check out what it looked like when I first saw it in 1982 as a young Fortune 500 attorney negotiating pollution control technology with the Chinese government. Then I will show you the unbeleivable changes since then - dramatic architecturec, huge investments in education and infrastructure, high speed transportation, space, etc.

From being behind America, they now lead in many ways - mostly because our country has failed to invest. We have become complacent - and spent far too much on war machines that don't generate income and too little on the civilian technology that do - and keep us leading the world.

China has a worldwide strategy to buy rare metals worldwide. We have no national strategy period.

For a journey back into time of a China that no longer exists, check out "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"  

And subscribe or follow here for the updates on China 2012 versus American 2012 - and what we need to do to win this global high tech world regardless what happens in Iran, Syria, Russia, etc.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mayan Calendar - NOT the end of the World, or the Calendar

Worried about Dec 21, 2012 being the "end' of the Mayan calendar and "end of the world"?

Forget it. I was just in Cozumel where a guide showed us the Mayan calendar - it is a WHEEL. Actually 3 of them. On Dec 21 the little wheel clicks over and the big wheel moves 1 notch to the next chapter. NO END guys!

Tell the Russians etc not to worry. It's not over until its over - which could happen from Climate change but not from the Mayan calendar.

BTW, today's Mayan descendants think they came from MONGOLIA - their DNA matches!