Monday, July 26, 2010

"Where there is no vision, the people perish:..."-Proverbs. 29:18

It's supposed to be a recession, right? If its a recession why don't they return calls?

Explain to me if it is so bad that nearly a half dozen real estate agents failed to return calls from my agent about properties for sale on Clear Lake? Either they have more business then they need -- OR our service hustle has fallen through the floor.

The complaints about service came from the agent (from the Woodlands no less) who was trying to line up properties to view over the weekend. He said that despite numerous calls to agents several failed to even return his call. Obviously, the agents had "checked out" for a weekend and weren't that desperate for a fee. If they needed a deal, they should have been calling right back, right?

What's astonishing is that the agent said this happens all the time. And agents don't use technology to make it more efficient.

I was talking with another guy at a Rotary meeting about the state of things and he felt that people now just did enough to "get by." I think that attitude exists in a lot of industries.

Without a change in our attitudes, we are in serious trouble regardless of what government does or does not do. The best government in the world can't help a population that is by hanging on to old technology when the rest of the world is adopting the new.

I see this happening - America is losing its leadership in the world because we aren't moving forward. India and China both have adopted "Green technology" drives to reduce carbon and increase their dominance of this emerging 21st century technology. While America does nothing....

Our grandchildren will pay the price: in lost high-tech jobs and an overheating planet.

Remember this. "Where there is no vision, the people perish:..."-Proverbs. 29:18

America loses its leadership when its' people have no vision.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Announcing “The Global American” radio show on "Business 1110 AM"

For Immediate Release (Revised)

26 July 2010

Announcing “The Global American” radio show, designed to give Americans a one-stop source of insight into the current global threats and opportunities that impact our future -- and our childrens’ future.

In the high tech, inescapable global economy of the 21st century, Americans cannot lead in a world they know nothing of. Does a new medical student have the same expertise as a surgeon with 20 years experience?

The Global American presents "the big picture" and insights of what is happening in the world from the perspective of its host, Michael Fjetland, who has negotiated in over 50 countries on big and small business for the Fortune 500 and individuals.

It is a perspective not of far left or right, but centrist and solution focused.

“The Global American” will begin airing every Saturday on August 7 at 9 a.m. on Business 1110 AM, Houston. Webcasts will be archived at our website (under construction) at

The first hour will be on NASA versus Entrepreneurs in space. Future segments will cover vital current issues including immigration, human trafficking, climate, energy, education, the drug war, the 21st century technology race, etc.

Stay tuned.

For More Information, contact:

Michael Fjetland

Sponsored by Armor Glass International, Inc.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Technology Black Holes - Blackberry and MS Pitfalls

We assume the new computer we get will work with our existing Blackberry, etc. but beware the "Technology Black Hole" that sucks you in on a mission of no return - getting the damn things to work together.

I have a Blackberry Storm that was working fine with my Blackberry sync program and Office 2007 - until I bought a new notebook computer and wanted to start syncing with it. The new notebook had Office 2010 trial (my old laptop had Office 2007), so I tried it since the notebook doesn't have a disk drive and Microsoft won't let you download Office 2007 for love or money.

That is when the black hole swallowed me - two days and a whole blown weekend spent trying to get my Office 2010 Calendar to sync with my Blackberry. Despite trips to Microsoft and Blackberry's website I found nothing indicating a problem

Only after several Google searches did I find the answer: Blackberry won't sync with Office 2010 - and won't until 2011!

I guess it didn't occur to anyone that someone of us would get a new computer with 2010 software and expect it to work! After all, it wasn't a big surprise that Office 2010 was coming out.

So what is Blackberry thinking? It's roll-out is slower than NASA's development of the Constellation! How do you wait to 2011 to service a 2010 product? No wonder Apple's Iphone is eating people's lunch. Yet I like the BB because I need the calendar and address book apps more than apps to find a restaurant in the middle of China.

Companies have got to do a better job. Blackberry is Canadian but I see this with American companies all the time. I finally had to buy an optical drive and reload my Office 2007 disk-which I fortunately still had-and finally got back in sync - so I don't miss appointments and can keep up with contact information. This is the most critical need in business and even personally.

Even Congress recently pulled the plug on more advanced technology (and the private space entrepreneurs) in favor of the mediocre technology that has become a NASA jobs program.

We have to do better. It shouldn't take three days and an online detective investigate to hook up a new computer and carry on your business.