Wednesday, March 30, 2011

600,000 plus views, many comments by young people on this 9/11 prediction are making strange comments

Americans we have a problem! Our young, are very confused!

After 600,000 plus views of a video of my Fox 26 prediction of a 9/11 in 1991, many young people are making strange comments about 9/11 -They think it was a HOAX! (not true!). Or that it was done by America! Or that men with boxcutters are not a threat on an aircraft! Not true and illogical but this is what the commentors believe!

WHERE did they get these odd ideas?

They need to hear from you. Leave YOUR Comment at this link! PLEASE SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT! the link.

9/11 was not done by us! BUT be NICE, respectful and not snarky (that sinks to their level). Be informative...

Wise GUIDANCE of our young should be our role.

I will be talking about this on Saturday on "Global American Radio" Business 1110 AM, and podcast 24/7 on

But hit the link and share some knowledge -- as an American -- about our history, and 9/11.

It's about truth and knowledge.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not American Values: Forced Cancellation by Extremists

Can you imagine a Muslim group being able to cancel an anti-terror drill by making threats? Then why should another extremist group be able to do so?

Bizarre as it may sound, an anti-terror drill in Iowa scheduled to be held this weekend had to be cancelled -- because extremists made threats against it. Muslims? NO. White Supremists.

It was designed to be an anti-terror exercise dealing with mass shootings by White supremacists. So-called "Patriot Groups" objected to the plans for the exercise because it was designed for an emergency response to a white extremist person making an attack on a facility –think of a Loughner Arizona shooter type.

The fact the exercise had to be cancelled because of THREATS (not grumpy letters to the editor) by these same people should be sounding the alarms.

Before I founded a green security technology company, I was a TV terrorism analyst during two Gulf Wars including 9/11 (and after).

My opinion: These white extremist guys are as dangerous than Al Qaida, and probably more so because they live HERE and have been growing rapidly since the election of America's first black President. They are feeding off the over-the-top political rhetoric that has been out of control (“Reload!”) times and have a thing about HEAVY WEAPONS.

Security is a MUST...from storms to humans. This is a 'heads up' because, as POGO once said: "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

NO EXTREMIST group should have veto power over an exercise --especially by making threats!

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

Friday, March 25, 2011

This is me in Damascus Syria on an int'l child kidnapping case

Police State Syria exploded today, dozens were killed by Dictator Assad.

This is me in Damascus Syria on an int'l child kidnapping case in late '96. The second photo is me in one of the original Christian churches IN SYRIA (yes, there are Christian churches in Muslim countries), near the "secret" door that was the original entrance, in the days that Christians were being killed by the Romans...

You won't find Palin, Beck or Limbaugh with this experience and insight. We update you on the "Freedom Virus" in the Mideast, from Libya to Syria on the last two segments of tomorrow's Global American radio, Business 1110 AM at 9 am Saturday, podcast on

The first two segments are an interview with a U.S. Nuclear inspector on the issue "Are U.S. Nuclear Plants Safe?"

Hosted by someone who has been there...from Japan to Syria.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are U.S. Nuclear Plants SAFE? An Inspector’s Report

Are U.S. Nuclear Plants SAFE? An Inspector’s Report

25 March 2011

Global American Series

Are U.S. nuclear plants SAFE? Do we have a potential Fukushima here?

Find out what a U.S. nuclear plant inspector has to say about that during this week’s Global American radio program this Saturday (March 26) at 9 am Central time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on (click on “Favorite Program” and look for the above title). The inspector agreed to talk provided we didn’t disclose where he is currently working in the U.S.

The U.S. has 104 reactors; 23 of them are the same as the GE “Mark 1” which has been spewing radiation since the Japan earthquake and the Tsunami that wiped out its back up systems.

It’s since been discovered that Tokyo Electric covered up that reactor No. 4 was defective when it was installed and falsified safety data and tried to cover it up. Could that happen in a U.S. plant?

In the last two segments, we provide an update to the Mideast “If its Tuesday This Must Be The (Fill in the Blank) Revolution!” By Saturday, Syria—another police state-- could be exploding. By the time of our broadcast, the Yemen “President” of the last 30 years could also be history. And what about Libya? We are seeing strange bedfellows emerge – both far left and right joining together in their criticism of the President on Libya.

What’s next in this “Ayatollah-Free” Arab spring? What has changed that people no longer fear being killed by their government? Is the NATO intervention in Libya causing dictators like “President” Saleh in Yemen to “get out now?” What impact on the U.S. will this have?

Sorry, no Charlie Sheen comparisons this week. Just facts and interviews you won’t find on Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or their clones on other channels. Why? Probably because they have never been in these countries, or conducted an international kidnapping negotiation in Syria (why else would Glenn Beck devote a show to claiming MSNBC is ‘anti-God’ when we have real global fires burning?)

Are nuclear reactors safe? What’s fueling these Mideast revolutions? Found out Saturday on Global American radio.

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Facing Their “Alamo” - Milestone UN Vote, Justice for PA 103

18 March 2011

Global American Series SPECIAL

Facing Their “Alamo” - a Milestone UN Vote on Libya

And Justice for Pan Am 103

St. Patrick's Day proved to be a milestone of global cooperation not seen since the first Gulf War in 1991, lead by George HW Bush, who was able to enlist Arab countries along with a majority of the world in the first war against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who had invaded Kuwait. (This did not happen in the 2003 Iraq war, which had only Britain and 5% of world governments supporting U.S. unilateral action).

Now it is Libya, where we just got a 10-0 global vote to stop a terrorist named Gadhafi who bombed an American airliner (Pan Am 103) – to prevent him from killing tens of thousands of his own people. The rebels were facing their own "Alamo" when the vote occurred. It doesn't get much closer than that.

Now the Libyan rebels (let’s call them the true Libyan Patriots) have a chance to have their "Battle of San Jacinto" like Texas did to win its independence from Mexico in 1836. Another parallel: the French enabling the American Revolution to succeed.

The French have actually led this effort to stop Gadhafi's brutal onslaught, along with Britain. The momentum didn't build until they were finally joined by our own U.S. government, which was tardy to the party. But in the end they did the right thing.

The GOOD News is that it is not just us Americans "using all necessary means" (short of ground troops) to stop Gadhafi from continuing to murder his own people (using mainly his highly paid mercenaries and Saddam-like sons). Now the rebels have a chance to avoid their “Alamo” moment. Benghazi is a city of 1 million residents who hate Gadhafi. His limited numbers of troops are no match for them. But his battle tanks, rockets and aircraft did make it impossible for the city to avoid destruction or the rebels to win.

FINALLY, there is some justice, not just for the Libyan people, but for the victims of Pan Am 103 (one of Gadhafi's own ministers, who defected when the revolution started, said he - Gadhafi- gave the order to do the PA 103 bombing). They say at least 145 of the 200+ on board were still alive when it hit the ground at Lockerbie, Scotland.

The Arab League vote in favor was key. And having the UN back the action 10-0 makes this a global, united front, not just the U.S. or Britain doing it. Now Gadhafi can't legitimately claim this is just colonial America at work.

It was a GREAT way to end St. Patrick's day. Of the 5 countries abstaining in the 10-0 UN vote, I was not surprised by China and Russia -- but I was surprised INDIA, the largest democracy in the world, did not join with the 10. Why?).

NOW we have to finish the job. Gadhafi has to GO even if we need to blow up every one of his tanks, missile systems and aircraft.

The Libyans rebels just wanted a voice in their government and freedom from being killed or tortured simply for the slightest criticism of Gadhafi. People having coffee and overheard talking about their 'leader' would often disappear and never return. It was like Stalin in action.

Libyans now have a Council of Government in Benghazi. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has met their leaders. Let's help them develop a true democracy as soon as the PA 103 murderer is driven out of Libya, into either International Criminal Court or a cemetery.

Justice is overdue. Let the international force air strikes begin...

And Don’t forget to tune in Saturday at 9am to the Global American radio program on “Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Impact on America” Detail at

Michael Fjetland

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Impact on Americans

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Impact on Americans

Mideast Crisis Update

Global American Series

On Global American Radio this week it’s (mostly) all about Japan’s nuclear crisis -- and its potential impact on Americans. It also includes an update on developments in the Middle East, where the “Freedom Genie” refuses to be shoved back into the bottle and Gadhafi’s opponents are facing their own “Alamo.”

My guests are two Japanese-Americans who have relatives living in Tokyo. We discuss:

(1) What is the current situation? Is it closer to America’s worst nuclear accident, Three Mile Island, or Russia’s Chernobyl?

(2) What can Americans do to help?

(3) What impact will the disaster have on Americans – should we worry about radiation drift?

In Segment three, there is an update on the Mideast turmoil from Libya to Bahrain. Bahrain is the key to Saudi Arabia, a family monarchy which for the first time ever has sent troops into Bahrain. The two countries are linked by a 16-mile causeway over the Persian Gulf. There are reports that soldiers were entering hospitals and beating up doctors and protestors who were being treated. Bahrain has been controlled by the same family for 200 years – imagine descendants of George Washington still ruling the United States!

These are fast moving events that definitely impact America, and we don’t know how they are going to play out yet.

Tune in Saturday at 9 am Central U.S. time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and podcast 24/7 on (click on “Favorite Programs” to access recorded broadcasts).

Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remember Egypt? They overthrew a 30 year dictator. TODAY they just got rid of the secret police! Trials and due process are on the rise in Egypt!

Too bad it is being crushed in next door Libya.

And in the U.S., we have idiots who have joked about Japan's Tsunami (think AFLAC). What kind of moron(s) would make a joke out of thousands of people drowning? How shallow can you be?

And then their was girl in the university library who complained about Japanese students calling home to see if their family was safe from the Tsunami - another shallow, clueless jerk. Never mind their families could have been swallowed by a Tsunami or in a shelter with temperatures falling below freezing at night, or living anywhere near a failing nuclear plant. If that is American, then we have been a shallow shadow of our forefathers and fathers.

Then we have murderer Gaddafi, thumbing his nose at the world - I thought we sent missiles on the heads of terrorists - ones who bombed Pan Am 103 especially...

But no, our leaders have become empty shells who talk endlessly with great words followed by zero action. We pass three week bills instead of doing great actions after our wealth was dissipated in the past decade. It is as filling as eating air.

Now there is the real prospect of a near Chernobyl situation in Japan. Where are the Americans? Where are our donations and assistance? We gave more to Haiti.

Are we going to be dynamic, or just empty air - focused on ourselves, our basketball games and the next meal, complaining about wailing students who have lost relatives in a natural disaster?

Americans deserve to be a great nation and a great people but we have to act like it to be it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Brewing Nuclear Meltdown in Japan – Political One in the Mideast.

A Brewing Nuclear Meltdown in Japan – Political One in the Mideast.

14 March 2011

Global American Series

Special Edition – Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown/Global Impact

We seem to be on the edge of two meltdowns – on two different continents at the same time. We can’t afford to take our eye off of either. Both of them will have a major impact on our future.

I was in Tokyo as a Fortune 500 negotiator. It’s cold as hell over there right now; people have no shelter, blankets, and little food and water. They need our help as much as the almost-forgotten Libyan rebels fighting for their lives against the dictator Gaddafi who killed Americans and people from 20 countries on Pan Am 103.

While Gaddafi is murdering his people, our attention has rightfully focused on the videos of a killer Tsunami not even matched by Hollywood horror movie standards – a huge wall of death, cars bobbing like so many toys, boats and buses left stranded on the top of buildings. Beautiful towns and farmland were buried in an instant in an ugly wall of death and debris.

Friday’s record-setting earthquake in Japan had been planned for in building its nuclear plants. A record-setting Tsunami was not planned for. It knocked out the back-up generators. They are using seawater as a last resort but even most of those pumps have been knocked out. We are facing a real nuclear meltdown scenario which could give us a real-time version of the “China Syndrome” or Three Mile Island, or even a Chernobyl. We don’t know yet. But it appears they may have lost control of several reactors. If they emit radiation, the U.S. lies downwind of the prevailing jet stream.

This is why America needs Presidents who can multi-task on a global scale. Both the Middle East and Asia’s Japan are going through a meltdown – one political, one nuclear. Do you want as our next President someone who has never been in either place, and therefore clueless, making the call? Seeing it unfold from Alaska, or relying on Fox or CNN won’t cut it either.

Stay tuned, by signing up for either Facebook updates by “friending” Michael Fjetland or at:

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A potential nuclear meltdown is a 21st Century hazard. So it the Mideast meltdown of dictators and rusty monarchies.

Michael Fjetland