Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Shooting Combines ISIS and Gay Bashing Religious Right Hostility Towards Gays

There were actually TWO guys with assault weapons heading towards gay celebrations today.

One was arrested in Santa Monica while heading for a West Hollywood gay festival. Oddly it is NOT linked but the same intent. He even had a pipe bomb. To my knowledge he was NOT Muslim, just another nut wanting to do violence to people just because they are gay. But there is a common ground here.

Ironically, ISIS and the anti-gay U.S. conservatives are on the same page, I regret to point out. That should be a message. Both of these group have had open season on hate on gays and and the consequences are violent. I don't believe we can reform ISIS, but I would hope conservatives can finally see the deadly consequences of hate speech.

The Orlando attack was inspired by ISIS. it was made EASY by our very own loose gun rules. This is why we don't sell grenades at the KMart folks.

It was very predictable (I am onYoutube record having predicted 911). It won't change without action by Congress. The Orlando mass shooter was investigated by the FBI --twice-- and yet was cleared to buy an assault weapon the very week he used it!

So, yes, we have our first -- combined acts of terrorism and a hate crime. It mixes religious extremism from the middle east with American conservative discrimination and constant condemning of gays.

Who is to say that this shooter was not also influenced to kill based on listening to American Evangelicals and radio hosts calling for them to burn in hell? He too was born in America. Why was he feeling so alienated? The Santa Monica would-be shooter was NOT following ISIS. So, WHO influenced that intended killer?

Forget big 911 events. That was so last century. Enter a new age.

LONE Wolf attacks will be the new normal. They are made easy by Internet communications and "big lie" propaganda. Once radicalized by ISIS and its sleek bullshit, we make it easy for these morons to kill us with efficiency. America is so stupid it makes it easy for deranged terrorists to get the worst weapon possible, a war weapon designed solely for mass killing.

If the shooter only had a 9 mm, it is very possible that someone would have been able to tackle him after just 9 shots. The odds are better than the alternative--over 50 dead in minutes. So awful.

If you are facing a shooter with an AR 15 and 30 round clip, you are screwed even IF you had a handgun in your pocket, especially in a small place where you can't run. One shot from you and he sends 30 your way and you are history (and everyone around you).

You can't fight firepower like that with a security officer and his 9 mm. And no, we don't need a guard spewing AK 47 rounds at a shooter either. How many would he kill while trying to defend them?

Out of millions of people in America, all ISIS has to do is to get 1 or 2 or 3 to ACT and we get another San Bernadino or Orlando. Yet, insanely we continue to keep it easy for them to get the weapons of mass destruction to do it.

The more this happens, the more it inspires other losers to do the same. Have you forgotten that a lone shooter just shot the voice singer within 24 hours before this mass shooting. What's the difference? Then he shot himself after killing her. We have some attitude adjustments to make folks...

My condolence to the families of those killed and injured in Orlando. Let us work together to stop this insanity, worldwide.