Today at lunch in Seabrook two (OLD, WHITE) men at the next table were talking (loudly), so i could not help but hear from of them say: 

"If Hillary gets elected, I'm moving to another country! Then it slipped into 'grumble, grumble.'

I was SO tempted to stop by on the way out and say: "What? You don't like the best economy that we've had in 7 + years under Obama?... that Clinton can build on-- after Bush/Cheney produced the worst economy since the Great Depression of the 30's...and ran up trillions in debt from UNPAID for wars, tax cuts, etc...? 

So I ask - Do you really want to go back to that borrow and spend like we have seen in Texas -- with the GOP running up over $40 BILLION in highway borrowing for roads? 

When people like Ann Richards were in office, the roads were paid for when they dried. And Texas had a better education system than we have today when the No. 1 priority is guns in schools instead of full day Pre K, etc. Frankly, that's pretty BIZARRE. 

No wonder others think we have been putting LSD in the water.