Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Houston Reflects What America Will Look Like SOON...

In 1980 Houston's population was 63% white, today it is 33%. Today we are 41% Hispanic, 18% African-American and 8% for all others including Asians.

For those 30 and younger today only 22% are white.

The data above comes from a study done by the Kinder Institute for Urban Research and
the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.

A quote from one of the authors of the study says:
"Houston is 25  years ahead of the rest of the country. Soon all of America will look like this city.
There is no force in the world than can stop the United States becoming more Latino, more
African-American, more Middle Eastern and Asia. It's inevitable!"

To see what the rest of the world looks like, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - a true story.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

79% Will See a Layoff/Unemployment in Their Career

Stats show that 79% of us will experience the pain of unemployment at some point in our careers.
Struggling whites and minorities need to get themselves MORE training or education - that's the new reality. Don't blame Obama - he didn't create this mess and the opposition has fought every attempt Obama has made for Job Training, Education and Infrastructure work that would employ millions.

I went through unemployment during the Great Texas Oil Bust of the 80's - much like what our nation went through starting in 2008. I had to INVENT my own business to survive - because I already had a post-grad degree.

For the last 30 years, tax policy has redistributed wealth to the top 1% - away from the Middle Class. It's all laid out in my book - the Good, The Bad and the Ugly - as well as our future path back to prosperity....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

White Racists --Please STOP making us White Folks look BAD you morons

As a progressive white guy who has friends of all colors, religions and  nations,  I have ONE thing to say. We have WAY TOO MANY WHITE RACISTS!

Please stop making us look BAD, you morons. Even your stupid protest signs are misspelled - very impressive! It proves my point that you have low I.Q's.

STOP IT!  You are making us intelligent tolerant white people look bad! THAT pisses me off!

Have you never been out of Anytown, USA? Have you never had a friend of another color? Or a friend who has another religion--and I don't mean a Methodist meeting a Baptist or a Mormon. Have you been to a synagogue or had a Jewish friend?

Have you never been to a Mosque or had a Muslim friend? You probably have and didn't know it when you went to a store. I have done all of that -- and more. I have also seen Hindu temples in places like India -- and Stafford, Texas. The Mosques I went to were in Ft. Bend, Texas.

I've been in about 50 countries--that beats being an expert on Iowa where I grew up or never leaving Houston, Texas, and never seeing anything beyond it.

If you had any real knowledge of the real world you would know this. We live in a world FULL of DIFFERENT people! Black people and Hispanic people and Asian people -- all GOOD people. As good as you are. Get over it. It's a DIVERSE world. Frankly, from what I have seen many of them are SMARTER than you! Americans have become soft and, frankly, lazy. We think you can be a star simply by wishful thinking, like it's a lottery.

Fortunately, not all of us White People are Intolerant Bigoted Jerks like you! Got that?

I find bigoted White People DUMB as DIRT -- especially those who "know everything" and have been "nowhere."  The world ain't Mayberry or NCIS folks.

That includes millionaire radio twits like Rush Gasbag and Glen "Been Nowhere" Beck leading those who know even less.

Have they ever done an international child kidnapping case in Syria like I did? Hell no. They would fill their pants at the thought of going to a place like China. Can you imagine Limbaugh or Beck handling an international fraud case against Americans in Europe like I  did (as told in "Better Times Ahead April Fool")? It would freak them out.

Have they even run a BUSINESS? Hell NO. LOL.

Speaking for this more enlightened white folks, I found GOOD people (more good than assholes) WORLDWIDE.

They treated me with respect. I treated them with respect. They valued getting to know me as an American.  I valued getting to know them. 

 If you think "everybody hates us," it tells me that (1) you have never been anywhere and (2) you don't know what you are talking about because of (3) - YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE AND DON'T KNOW THEM.

I HAVE. I DO.  I wrote about what I saw in those people around the world in journals I kept the last 30 years (described in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool" . I got the rare opportunity to see the world from the top and the bottom, from the Fortune 500 to being the entrepreneur running out of money half way across the world.

If White Trash can't spell and don't have the high tech skills of the 21st century, THEY are toast in the 21st century. Why?

Because the Chinese and Indians have BETTER high tech skills TODAY -- they have the skills to fill the 2 million OPEN Jobs in the USA that pay $70,000 and up -- because the loud mouthed white folks don't have those skills. TRUE. So, bigots, why don't YOU have those skills if you are so smart?

Your big mouth doesn't count for experience and education. Labor is now a GLOBAL commodity.  If you don't have the skills, someone on the other side of the world WILL. Either buck up and get the skills or lose it -- race is now irrelevant in the global job market.

We all have children we want to grow up and get a good education. We all want a chance for a good job and a justice system that is fair. We all have, on a GLOBAL scale, access to high tech education and training. If you don't get it, someone else on the planet WILL. And THEY will get the job and you can work at McDonald's with your superior attitude.

I grew up in Iowa, but I never encountered RACISM until I moved to Texas. There is a reason we had a war between the states -- to kick bigoted asses when certain whites thought it was cool and LEGAL to OWN SLAVES.  Had I been alive when Lincoln defended the Union and fought the South for breaking up the Union, I would have fought against the Slavers -- every time.

Today, I see your Confederate ancestors claiming its the "blacks" who are the real racists. Really? The people who have been lynched--even when wearing the uniform of a U.S. soldier-- is the racist?

Racism is ignorance. Get over it. While you are hung up on race I have news for you. We have a global economy we must win or it won't matter...and it will take every race we have to WIN it!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pope MOBBED in RIO - Inside Look at Brazil that May be America's Future

Did you see how the POPE was MOBBED TODAY in Rio, Brazil? His motorcade was STOPPED - VERY Dangerous for any international celebrity. All it takes is one nut in a situation like that. I know Rio. I have been there. America may soon look like Brazil - where the 1% fly helicopters and 99% have NOTHING.

I was in a Rio bar with a friend when peanuts starting flying our way - it turned out to be GIRLS who were secretaries by day wanting a date by night. That view of Rio is in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" along with insights on America's place in the world.

It's a BOY - we know have 4 heirs to the monarchy in England. If you travel globally you soon find out that London is the hub of anyone traveling from the U.S. to the Middle East or Africa - not to mention Europe.  The big corporate types I was working for INSISTED I be taken to the original Playboy Club in London in the 80's (I fought that of course)...that story is in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

It includes a story of my taking a young Texas entrepreneur who sold tapes of Texas dancing and music to Paris for a meeting with Euro-Disney buyers -- right after it opened (Euro Disney had a Western theme).  When we got to London we found out that the French transit had been hit by a strike --so I had to figure a way to get into Paris on time for the meeting.

I decided that we had to "Run the Blockade"... story in:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trayvon Martin case - What Causes Racism?

I guess not enough white people have traveled much outside their small towns or state - so they have never met many people of different colors and religion. THAT is what breeds racism - fear of the "unknown."

I HAVE traveled far beyond my place of birth (Iowa). My conclusion is that we are more alike than different. Racism is ignorance. Most of that is from not getting to know other people different from ourselves. Racism is taught by parents and society.

I was lucky. I've been in nearly 50 countries - and saw a lot of nice people who were helpful. So get off the racism. It's Un-American. Here's my view of the world from being in it...."Better Times Ahead April Fool."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Mandela's 95th Birthday TODAY Means for American Values

South Africa's icon Nelson Mandela turned 95 TODAY. 95! His story is a story that all Americans should know because he represents American values we need to be reminded of - especially our Congress.

It is AMAZING he made it to his birthday -- he was too ill for President Obama to visit him on his recent African journey. Mandela's attitudes are a model of  AMERICAN values. He focused on helping build bridges instead of burning them. He was entitled to rage after being imprisoned for decades for exercising his freedom of speech rights. I saw statues of racist leaders still standing when I was there.

I traveled to South Africa in the late 90's on a legal mission. It was when Mandela was serving as the first black majority President of South Africa.   He was elected after being imprisoned for 27 years for opposing Apartheid. Under Apartheid, a minority (of whites) controlled the entire political process. The majority of blacks could not vote. It was even illegal for black people to own a telephone!  I saw a RICH country. An amazing country. I saw vistas that reminded me of the USA far west.

Yet after all those decades of indignities Nelson Mandela came out of prison - NOT to seek revenge on whites, but instead he sought dialogue and reconciliation of its people. His focus was on building a better future for ALL South Africans.TOday I saw a presentation on our Seabrook Rotary's "Books for the World" that has shipped containers of used, donated American school books to kids in South Africa (and other countries) who sit in front of crude chalkboards in grass huts without any books!  They are so grateful for these ten year old books, and the shipping containers become a much needed library or medical center or other needed structure.

Sadly, when Mandela dies I worry about whether the future leaders have his vision? China has bought up Africa minerals for its future, while America has been self absorbed in partisan politics and totally lost out.

How will that affect Americans and our future? I write about it and put photos of today's South Africa in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" in the chapter about my trips to South Africa and Nigeria in "Jet Lag and Voodoo in Africa"

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela! You are a model of what all humans should be. Your values are also American values. They are human values. May you live long and because of you we have prospered.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If SNOWDEN REALLY Wanted to Be a Hero--He Would....

Pack his computer full of NSA data - which he's allowed Russia and Chinese intelligence to see...AND CATCH A FLIGHT BACK TO THE USA - and face the music here. 

He should NOT take America's data to Russia and stay there -- and tell me you think you are some kind of "patriot" American "hero."

Selling out your country and its most confidential files is NEVER "Hero" status anywhere.

Next Subject: WHY in the HELL is CUBA sending MISSILE PARTS etc to NORTH KOREA? FUCK YOU. THANK YOU Panama!

To be continued. "Subscribe" for the next big event.

In the meantime, if you are really desperate to be entertained duringthis strange HOT SUMMER, why not check out a TRUE global action adventure (true) story, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool"  

And I just heard on TV yet ANOTHER story on a break -in. And I wonder why people don't armor their homes and buildings from the increased threats from brazen burglars and bizarre storms fueled by climate change. All that info is at

Monday, July 15, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict - No Jury Diversity Means Fair Trials Impossible

If your child is followed by a man with a gun, who then pursues him or her on foot -- then kills them with that gun, maybe then --and only then--you will see why this "not guilty" verdict" is so wrong on so many levels.

The verdict justifies false assumptions about people based solely on their color. It justifies pursuit of any innocent person walking the streets - even if it kills them while they are unarmed. It justifies bigotry and violence. It justified a killing of a seventeen year old walking home from the store with only skittles as a weapon.

The verdict shows that the lack of jury diversity makes fair trials impossible in America -- or anywhere.

It was a jury of all WHITE WOMEN  --As much as I love and respect women this is not "a jury of peers" as required under the law.  Not one man. Not one person of color.

The same problem would  exist if it were a jury of all white MEN or ALL BLACK MEN judging the fate of a white guy killing a 17 year old black boy.

I knew when the jury was selected how the verdict would go.

One sided juries are NOT an American justice value.

America has always been special because we are a just people. We are a fair people. Our jury system is fair and honest when it includes members of the entire community, not just one race or sex.

By its nature a jury of clones lacks the insight and experiences of our fellow citizens who are equally part of our world - whether Asian, Hispanic, African, you-name-it - all equal Americans under the law.

Not one man was on the Zimmerman jury panel. Not one African. Not one black mother, father, son, daughter...Only six white women.

That is not fair or balanced.

Juries must be diverse for justice to work. If  you are a white woman, would you want a jury of six Black or Hispanic MEN making the decision about your guilt  If juries aren't diverse we invite prejudice and limited life experiences making life-or-death decisions.

If that happens we lose our justice-for-all system that has made us special in the world --a world in which justice is seldom fair or balanced.

Make Future Juries Diverse. Stop encouraging false assumptions and hunting people based on their color.

Humans are not animals to be hunted by vigilantes. Equality and Justice is the Global American Way..

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BEHOLD the FUTURE: Big Thinking By People like Elon Musk

Elon Musk has done it again. It shows how one entrepreneur can not only make a difference, but change the world.

Founder of SpaceX and maker of the successful S ALL Electric car - now has an even BIGGER idea - Electric Trains for cities that cost LESS than High Speed Rail, and provide links more efficiently and faster than vehicles beginning to clog highways GLOBALLY.

THIS is what the Global American Values is all about - the entrepreneur with VISION. And guts. It is the only thing that can save America at this point - since it won't be Congress. We could have an asteroid threatening our existence and Congress would filibuster doing anything about it!


"AGENDA for American GREATNESS" is MY SOlution to put America back on top. Details in: "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

Thursday, July 4, 2013

From Mandela to Grandkids Selling Shirts

For some reason when there is a Great Person like Mandela, the next two generations squander that legacy.

Nelson Mandela, the man who lived 27 years in jail for opposing whites-only minority rule in South Africa, helped end Apartheid. Mandela forgave those who jailed him, became President of a newly democratic South Africa, and took the country to a higher level.

Now Mandela's grandkids idea of a higher level is making money by selling shirts with Mandela's name as their legacy to make a buck!  It is so sad that greatness is not inherited automatically by the following generations...leaders following Mandela have not had his vision. His political party ANC now hollowly claims its vision as: "Mandela was a member of ANC." That's not a vision but merely a statement of a past fact. South Africa is 80% of the industry of Africa, a country with the wealth of minerals, problems and vast potential.

I wrote of my experiences in South Africa when I was there during Mandela's time in office and about what I saw in my 2013 book "Better Times Ahead April Fool." Where South Africa goes without its great leader is an issue that applies to all of us...

The final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" lays out that plan for America to regain its mojo to win the 21st century..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How the Fall of Morsi Could Be GOOD for Democracy - Game over for a wannabe religious dictator

What happens now that Egypt's first "democratically" elected President has been toppled by the military? How will it impact the USA and the Middle East?  It's 'game over' for a wannabe religious dictator and I think its actually good news for America. Stay with me on this.

The largest mass rally of people in the world just happened in Egypt and swept out of office an Islamist dicator-in-the-making, Mr. Morsi. He was elected democratically but then shut out everyone outside his Muslim Brotherhood organization, hoping to turn Egypt into an Iran-type religious dominated country. 

Between 22 and 35 MILLION secular young Eyptians saw that happening and had other ideas. They wanted nothing to do with the narrow Islamists who wanted Sharia law and women to be separated from men and cover themselves. The secularists are like "Summer," a young Egyptian woman I have met on Facebook. She and others like her that I talk to are very bright and like the same things many Americans do, from music to movies.  "Gingham style" dancing and friend--not jihad--is want they want.

Millions like filled the streets in Egypt demanding the end of their first democratically-elected President less than a year after electing him, after the same secular youth deposed 30-year dictator Mubarak.

Ask these young people. They will tell you it was they, the non-religious, secular youth who initially toppled Mubarak after three decades of iron-fisted rule. Then the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists stole it from them, and refused to share. The military warned Morsi to change his ways and start sharing power. Morsi refused. So the military, who have more heavy weapons than the Muslim Brotherhood, removed him.  I see this as positive and hopeful. We did not need another hardline Islamist state in the Middle East. We have plenty of those already boiling.

Democracies like the United States have two parties (and more) -- not just one calling all the shots.  Morsi was consolidating power for the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists--no one else would have any influence in Egypt if he and his narrow minded, grumpy old men group (even more grumpy than ours) had anything to say about it.

So twice as many people came out against Morsi as the number against Mubarak! The military took one look and switched sides, supporting the millions marching in the streets who wanted freedom from the Islamists. So the military was flying the flag in a helicopter parade overhead instead of shooting people on the streets. They booted Morsi. Game over for a wannabe religious dictator.

If you are the American President you cannot say "Hooray" at this development but as an American citizen you CAN and SHOULD.  President's have to say things like "We support the Egyptian people and the democratic process."  Then encourage new elections as soon as possible.

Now Egypt has a shot at a "do over" and real democracy. They have a shot at a secular government like ours is supposed to be -- instead of becoming another Iran run by Mullahs and Ayatollahs and narrow-minded Muslim Brotherhood Islamists.

My own experience with Egypt is very personal and unique. As a young Fortune 500 negotiator I was sent to Egypt -- and ended up giving my Nile Hilton hotel room in the middle of that trip for the first peace treaty ever between Israel and an Arab country. I find out later that President Carter's a team took over the entire hotel along with my room. LOL.

The Details of that story and how how we can reinvent ourselves and the world are part of my 2013 eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" 

Better Times Ahead? Or April Fool? It's all up to us, and our friends around the world like the young secularists who just moved a mountain away from this Mohammad.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

19 Firefighters Killed - How Technology Could Change That

A great tragedy has befallen our forest firefighters. A wild fire swept over 19 of the Granite Mountain "Hot Shot" team - and killed them.  My greatest condolences. They lost 20% of their force. They had no escape. No helicopter rescue. Just a raging fire changing direction and running them down.

Unfortunately, condolences will not keep this awful, unnecessary, enormous loss to 19 families from happening again, impacting more families -- unless we take action.

Like all firefighters in forest fires, they had small tents called "Fire Shelters" that were supposed to be a shelter for those caught by an approaching fire. The firefighters get into the "tent" and allow the fire to burn over them. The devices failed. They aren't designed for long hot fires - and after a decade of drought the entire ground was rocket fuel for this killer.

So why not provide firefighters with a better designed to work under fierce conditions? Who says we can't make a BETTER SHELTER for our men and women putting their lives on the line in a hot, dirty, dangerous job - protecting the rest of us? Isn't that an vital investment?

This is something we should learn how to avoid in the future. It has happened over and over again in the past, killing groups of 20 and 30 at a time. It has to STOP. 

Isn't space a fierce condition?  NASA technology could help develop the technology needed by our first responders. We need to procure more advanced FIRE SHELTERS for our brave firefighters - a better technology using the best 21st century space age materials. It will pay off by all future firefighters caught in nature's hell.

Welcome to Climate change - the local interviewed about the fire that killed this special team said "We have been under a TEN YEAR Drought."  Lightning started the fire. Winds are unpredictable. Why was there not a helicopter also available to evacuate a trapped fire team?

Fires are HOTTER. The droughts are WORSE. The hurricanes are BIGGER. And our firefighters need some Super Tools to Fight these infernos that threaten to destroy trillions of dollars of investments. We can do nothing - or fix it. I say FIX IT, or die.

Edward Snowden - Dumbest Criminal EVER?

Is Edward Snowden the dumbest-leaker-ever of senstitive documents?

He certainly spent a LOT of time planning how to get to sensitive NSA documents - then commenced the stupidest "get-a-way" in history. It's another example how clueless people can be when dealing with the world they think they know -- but don't. Stay with me on this.

So, where did Snowden go to "make his escape" after releasing the documents? First stop was HONG KONG - technically "independent" of China but not really. If Beijing sneezes Hong Kong catches a cold. Whoever gets elected in Hong Kong does so with Beijing's blessing.

So why would a guy professing to be an ally of "FREEDOM" and "OPENNESS" head for a one-party state that is the opposite of freedom and openness? That make sense?

Then Snowden goes next to RUSSIA! Putin's Russia has no regard for democracy, freedom or openness. Even their elections are rigged (that's why Putin is once again "President"). Snowden's NSA files is certainly a bonanza for the Russians who certainly will be examining any documents he is carrying (we assume he didn't upload them "to the cloud" where it might be hacked!)

And where does Snowden WANT to go? To Ecuador or Venezuela - neither country is a bastion of freedom. So Mr. "Freedom" Snowden seeks out every undemocratic country on earth to flee to. What does this say about him?

So why didn't he go to Ecuador first? he'd already be there instead of stuck in a transit hotel at Moscow airport. It's the spy who couldn't think straight about how to escape with the loot. In fact, why not get to the hideaway before releasing the stolen info?

This points to the international stupidity of someone who is supposed to be "smart."  I checked the flights from Hong Kong - none go to Ecuador without making a stop in the USA (some stop in Canada or Japan but both are US allies who would honor our request to hold him). The same situation applies to flights from Russia to Ecuador - most require stops in Europe or the USA. Even Cuba is not necessarily an option - it has been warming up to the USA and may not want this idiot stirring things up.

So why wasn't this "smart guy" Snowden smart enough to have a better exit strategy planned? He wins the prize for the original amateur hour -- going the wrong way to the wrong places for the wrong reasons that do not represent democracy or American values.

In doing so, Snowden has undoubtedly allowed Chinese and Russian officials access to whatever electronic files he has with him. If this is a "hero" then he deserves a medal from the Chinese and Russian intelligence agencies. Obviously, they have more intelligence than Snowden has shown.

In TIME, the Russians were quoted as saying: "At a meeting of the Public Chamber, an advisory body to the Kremlin, everyone from lawmakers and spin doctors to senior Russian diplomats hailed Snowden as a hero who needs the motherland’s protection. “If he asks for political asylum, we must provide it,” said Robert Shlegel, a parliamentarian from Putin’s political party. Another one of the party’s lawmakers, Alexander Sidyakin, even pledged to nominate Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize."

So the RUSSIANS, want to give Snowdwn a Peace Prize. LOL. If he was a "hero" then he should have stayed in the U.S. and made his case on our courts. But he ran, without a plan, right into checkmate!  Have a lousy life Mr. Snowden in whatever craphole you end up; its what you deserve.