Sunday, May 22, 2016

Egypt Air flight 804 - A Crash Mystery. Trump Not Qualified to call this Mystery even if it proves to be terrorism

 I was on TV on 911 as a terrorism analyst and hold a commercial pilot's license with a current medical.  I find it very curious days after the violent crash of Egypt Air 804 NO TERRORIST group has claimed credit for it.  It is becoming a mystery.

Donald Trump is talking about an international incident in which he has zero qualifications to judge. I predicted 9/11 on TV a decade before the event. This was about the time when Trump was calling the media as "John Miller" to brag how a guy named Trump was cheating on his wife. BIG difference. Later, he was having someone make his shirts in China, which is no harder then writing a check. It was nothing like when I was promoting American products in China, selling American products to them, which creates jobs HERE, not buying their stuff. BIG difference. (Worse: Trump and his racist statements is being used in ISIS propaganda today as a way to recruit new jihadi's - the opposite of what we need in order to REDUCE, not increase, terrorism!)

Typically, a group would love to claim success in bringing down a plane, so was it  terrorism or something else?  If it was terrorism, why would they not brag about it?

One of the most reliable airplanes in the world is the AirBus 320.  Here is the Wikipedia info:

"The aircraft involved was a 12-year-old Airbus A320-232,[c] registration SU-GCC, MSN 2088.[2] It made its first flight on 25 July 2003, and was delivered to EgyptAir on 3 November 2003.[3]
The flight was the aircraft's fifth that day, having flown from Asmara International Airport, Eritrea, to Cairo; then from Cairo to Tunis–Carthage International Airport, Tunisia, and back. The final flight before the crash was Flight MS803 to Paris.[4]"  

The answer matters.  If it was terrorism, then somewhere along the 5 flights that aircraft made through several countries that day, a device was planted, by someone. How? When? Where?  If it was a mechanical issue, they can check all the other 320 aircraft to avoid a future mechanical issue on future flights. But the 320 hasn't had major issues. If it was terrorism, we need to know the weak link in the system so it doesn't happen again.

 So WHAT happened?

It's a complex problem because of Egypt. It is a country I have personal experience with. I was sent there as a young legal negotiator in the late 70's. (President Carter turned up during my visit and took over the hotel along with my room). 

I arrived when President Sadat was in power - the first Arab leader to cut a peace deal with Israel. Since then Sadat was assassinated, and his No. 2 Mubarak was a dictator for 30 years. Then Arab Spring knocked him out. The Muslim brotherhood won an election and was soon displaced by the military under Sissi.  Egypt has fallen on hard times through all of it.  There is no free speech, the economy sucks and the Sinai - acquired from Israel in the peace agreement hammered out by Carter, is now a battleground. The new government has been reckless in killing civilians, so the insurgents are doing well.

They blew a Russian airliner out of the sky last year after taking off from an airport on the edge of the Sinai - after Russian warplanes started dropping bombs in Syria. It was a message to Putin by ISIS. Fight us and you die. Egypt is in the same box. It's the typical mideast mess, now that Iraq and Syria are also unstable, unlike when I first arrived.

Don't forget that to this day, the extremist views of ISIS is being funded by rich backers in Saudi Arabia.  The plague of religious intolerance is fueled by our own oil purchases from Saudi Arabia. It's past time to boycott their oil until they thing their deal with the devil that doesn't even tolerate WOMEN driving cars.

Stay tuned at Global American values...
Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD

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